AquaGrip Water-Based Paint (Fast Drying)


AquaGrip Water-Based Paint (Fast Drying)

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A highly versatile, multi-surface, low-VOC direct adhesion paint providing an excellent finish. Perfect for interior refurbishment and for areas requiring a high degree of hygiene. Formulated utilising the latest developments in water-borne technology using non-yellowing acrylic and polyurethanes resins.

Key Features:

¥ Can be used directly on a range of different surfaces without a primer
¥ Has excellent antimicrobial and antiviral properties
¥ Ensures outstanding adhesion and hardness
¥ Scrub-resistant and easy to clean
¥ Adheres to most substrates
¥ Quick drying
¥ Available in all colours
¥ Colour-matched to the shade of your choice
¥ BREEAM accredited

Technical Details:


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