Who We Are

We protect each other, we uplift each other, we work together.

Richard Hearn

Managing Director

Mark Hearn

Technical Sales Director

Rob Baker

Business Development Manager - UK and Europe for A&I Coatings

Nick Thorniley

Business Development Manager, Masterflo UK

John Oliver

Project Manager, Masterflo UK

Zeb Hearn

Account Manager, A&I Coatings

Daniel Stevenson

Sales, Masterflo UK

Sarah Reeve

Finance Manager

Rolf Cowley

Business Development Manager, Thames Coatings

Our Mission

We are committed to enabling coating specialists and tradespeople bring out the best of their craft with innovative, premium-quality paint and equipment.

Our Vision

Our aim is to help coating professionals across different sectors improve efficiency and create masterfully painted surfaces that are as sustainable and durable as they are aesthetically superior.

What We Are About

We Care

As a business, we take seriously the promise of quality we make to our customers and the impact we have on the environment and society. This attitude is a vital aspect of our culture and reflects on how we continually invest in improving our products and processes to make them more friendly for the environment and the user.

We Respect Excellence

We value the effort and expertise that goes into delivering exceptional quality. Our products are carefully designed for industry professionals and tradespeople who take pride in their craft and care about the little details.

We Embrace Change

Our strength is our diverse team, all with varying competencies - who feel empowered to share new ideas and drive change. This helps us challenge ourselves, question accepted ways of working and bring on transformation.

We Value Open Communication

We respect proactiveness and open communication. We value integrity and make sure we are accountable, transparent and forthright with the information we provide our customers and stakeholders.

Our Clients