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Angmering Bypass Bridle Bridge

Angmering Bridle bridge is a 35-metre bypass bridge that connects Angmering to the scenic Highdown Hill on the West Sussex coast.


Angmering Bypass Bridle Bridge


West Sussex Coast

Product Used

Fluoroethylene Vinyl Ether


Solent Protective Coating

The Problem

The original paint system of the single span Vierendeel truss was debonding from the steelwork, causing corrosion of the primary deck. The remainder of the paint system had also deteriorated beyond economic repair and needed complete repainting to prevent long term damage of the truss.

The Requirement

The West Sussex County Council approached us for a paint system that would offer durability and value for their customers while keeping the carbon footprint low in line with the West Sussex County Council’s long-term commitments.

A Sustainable Solution

Considering the carbon-footprint and expenses incurred when repainting every 15-20 years with traditional paints, the Council was keen to try our state-of-the-art FEVE (Fluoroethylene Vinyl Ether) paint which offers a design life of up to 60 years to major re-coat.

While traditional topcoats act as an aesthetic layer alone, Vitreflon V195 Topcoat takes on the dual role of an aesthetic and protective layer – encapsulating the primer layers underneath. This helps the paint system ward off moisture and other corrosion initiators, while retaining colour and gloss for around 60 years, compared to 15-20 years for traditional paints.

By using the durable FEVE system, the asset owners will not only be able to bring down maintenance and repainting costs, but also bring about a drastic reduction in the overall amount of waste, emissions, and carbon footprint of the project.

Our Recommendation

Although Vitreflon V195 can be successfully used with other base coats, we recommended it to be complemented with a corrosion-resistant mid-coat of Vitreflon V112 and a Primer of Vitreflon V109 for best results.

According to Michael Taylor, the Engineering Project Manager at West Sussex County Council, ‘As a highway structures professional I am always searching for products that will provide maximum benefit for minimum environmental/financial cost and all of the data on FEVE pointed towards it being a game changer for asset managers in UK and the ideal solution for Angmering Bypass Bridle bridge.’

The project which commenced in October 2020 was successfully completed in a span of 12 weeks by painting contractors, Solent Protective Coating.

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