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Brockweir Bridge

Built in 1908 to replace a ferry, the Grade-II listed Brockweir bridge is an historic bridge spanning the border between Wales and England. It also serves as a key transport link between the village of Brockweir and the A46 over the river Wye.


Brockweir Bridge


Wye Valley

Product Used

Fluoropolymer Protective Coating


CC Infrastructure Services

Asset Owners

Gloucestershire & Monmouthshire County Councils

The Problem

This bridge, built of cast iron and wrought iron uses paired, cross-braced cast iron cylinders forming the piers and wrought iron lattice girders for the spans.  This whole structure was in need of refurbishment and repainting. Being situated in a difficult access location and on a tidal river, it was crucial to go for a long-life paint system that will protect the metal frame of the bridge, bring down maintenance intervals and extend the asset life of the structure.

Fluoropolymer System For Extended Longevity And Preventative Maintenance

A&I Coatings’ Vitreflon FEVE Fluoropolymer system was recommended considering its extended life of up to 60 years compared to 20-25 years for traditional paints. According to Samantha Lester from CC Infrastructure Services, “When utilising the fluoropolymer paint system, you are trebling the life span of the paint and ultimately reducing maintenance costs and the carbon footprint of the project for a minimal total project cost increase.” 

The extended lifetime of the product, its anti-graffiti properties, exceptional gloss retention and resistance to chalking brings about a significant reduction in the re-coating and associated infrastructure costs and the consumption of raw materials in the long run.

Brockweir bridge being restored with A&I fluoropolymer coating system

The Specifications

The Vitreflon Fluorpolymer System specified for Brockweir bridge included:

- Vitrezinc 109 Zinc-Rich Epoxy Primer on the steel substrate prepared to Sa2.5 standards

- Vitreset 112 Micaceous Iron Oxide (MIO) Intermediate Coat 

- Vitreset 112 MIO Stripe Coat 

- Topcoat of Vitreflon 195 FEVE fluoropolymer Topcoat

While the zinc primer and micaceous iron oxide layers provide primary corrosion resistance, the topcoat serves to block corrosion initiators like oxygen, water, and chlorides. Being a fluorinated topcoat, Vitreflon offers further protection, as its exceptional UV resistance and low degradation rate offers corrosion protection for longer periods of time. 

The painting of the main structure of the bridge was completed in January 2022. As it is situated on a tidal river, the painting for the bottom half of the piers will commence once the water recedes.

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