A&I Coatings


Ultra-Long-Life Coating

Fluoropolymer coating manufactured using the highly-engineered FEVE (Fluoro Ethylene Vinyl Ether) resin to significantly reduce the costs, waste, carbon footprint and disruption generated by frequent repainting.

60 years extended lifecycle to major maintenance compared to 25 years for traditional paints

58% reduction in lifecycle costs

Exceptional UV protection, corrosion resistance and anti-graffiti properties


Accredited by the National Highways

Established new National Highways paint item number 195 for FEVE resin-based topcoats.

Achieved HAPAS approval with the British Board of Agrement in December 2020

Fluoropolymer top-coated systems formulated for HAPAS SHW Series 1900 and SHW Series 5000


Accredited by Network Rail

High-performance fluoropolymer top-coated system with unrivalled UV, corrosion and anti-graffiti protection.

The trusted N4, M20 and M24 systems from Network Rail enhanced with A&I FEVE fluoropolymer topcoats

Suitable system for New Works and difficult access Maintenance project

North Horsham Bridge

A&I Vitreflon fuluoropolymer coating used in line with the Carbon Management Plan of the West Sussex County Council

Brockweir Bridge

The restoration of the Grade-II Listed Brockweir Bridge in the scenic Wye Valley using A&I fluoropolymer coating.

Shereheath Bridge

A Network Rail new works project carried out in the Surrey Hills with the Vitreflon FEVE top-coated N4 Paint System.