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Longthorpe Footbridge

As part of a comprehensive scheme aimed at reducing congestion and enhancing walking and cycling routes, Peterborough City Council undertook the construction of a new footbridge over the A1260 Nene Parkway in Longthorpe. The bridge, designed by Peterborough Highways Services, aimed to provide improved accessibility and safety for pedestrians and cyclists. To ensure longevity, reduce maintenance costs, and maintain the
bridge's aesthetic appeal, the council specified the use of fluoropolymer coatings supplied by Unova Products / A&I Coatings.


Longthorpe Footbridge



Product Used

Fluoropolymer coatings


Peterborough & Cambridge Council

Asset Owners

Peterborough & Cambridge Council


The £8.1 million project focused on Junction 15 of the Nene Parkway and included the construction of the Longthorpe
Footbridge. The new bridge was wider than its predecessor, with less steep ramps, offering enhanced convenience for pedestrians and cyclists. Recognizing the importance of selecting a durable coating system for the bridge, the council turned to fluoropolymer technology, where an estimated life to first major maintenance period of 60 years is expected from the coating system.

When asked about the below subjects Tim Henson, Senior Engineer (Structures) at Peterborough Highway Services, comments…….

Discovery of FEVE Coating Technology:

‘Peterborough & Cambridge Council became aware of FEVE coating technology when they attended a conference promoting the use of FEVE coatings as an alternative to conventional highway paint systems. The technology showcased superior durability, making it an appealing choice for long-term maintenance and reduced costs’.

Reasons for Specifying FEVE on Longthorpe:

“FEVE coatings were specified primarily to minimize the whole-life maintenance costs associated with the bridge. By choosing a more durable product, they aimed to reduce ongoing maintenance requirements and expenses. Additionally, the council sought a coating that would maintain its new appearance over an extended period and resist UV degradation, ensuring the bridge's aesthetic appeal and longevity”.

Discussions with Stakeholders: Pros and Cons Considerations:

“During the specification process, some fabricators expressed concerns regarding the use of fluoropolymer coatings. They raised issues related to health, safety, and the environment, particularly concerning the presence of polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) or "forever chemicals”. We were quickly assured that the FEVE coating technology although falling under the PFAS banner, does not contain the chemicals of high concern ‘PFOA or PFOS’, that are water soluble and can be bio accumulative”.

Future Utilization:

“Based on the positive experience with the fluoropolymer coating system on the Longthorpe Footbridge, Peterborough Highways Services will be looking to specify the same system for future steel structures. The durability, reduced maintenance costs, and retained appearance of the FEVE coatings made it a favourable choice for potential upcoming projects”.

Final Comments: Collaboration with Unova Products / A&I Coatings:

Tim Henson, expressed satisfaction with the collaboration with Unova Products on the Longthorpe Footbridge project. “The council found the use of fluoropolymer coatings to be an excellent choice, aligning with their goals of reduced maintenance, reduced life cycle cost and enhanced longevity for the bridge structure”, adding “It has been excellent working with Unova on this project”.


The Longthorpe Footbridge case study demonstrates the successful application of fluoropolymer coatings supplied by Unova Products / A&I Coatings in enhancing the durability, maintenance, and aesthetics of a significant infrastructure project. By utilizing FEVE technology, Peterborough City Council look forward to achieving their objectives of reducing ongoing maintenance costs, extending the lifecycle of the bridge, and providing a visually appealing structure for pedestrians and
cyclists for years to come.