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Masterflo-UK Joins the Unova Fold

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Unova is excited to announce the successful completion of the acquisition of Masterflo-UK – one of the leading manufacturers of custom spray booth solutions for commercial and industrial applications.

Speaking about the collaboration, Mark Hearn, Founder and Technical Sales Director of Unova said: “We are extremely pleased to have Masterflo on board. This is a natural fit between two companies who have a shared vision to provide industry leading products and services”.

“For over 25 years Unova has manufactured and supplied premium, high-performing coating solutions for various industries. The combination of Masterflo’s strength in spray booth solutions complemented by Unova’s strength in innovative coating technology will allow us to provide a more strategic focus on the automotive, rail and aviation sectors within the UK and Europe”.

We look forward to welcoming our colleagues from Masterflo, so that together we can build on our combined expertise, use existing skills and resources, deliver significant added value to our customers, and strengthen our position as a trusted partner of choice in high-performance coating solutions.

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