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Our FEVE Coating Trail in the UK

With sustainable construction taking a new turn in the bridges sector, the last few years have seen a shift from ‘low cost’ and ‘fast development’ to choices that reduce emissions and extend the lifespan of the structure.

Considering the costs, disruption and carbon footprint generated by major maintenance works, local authorities and asset owners are now seen emphasising the use of durable materials and construction techniques that support their Net-Zero Goals, extend maintenance intervals and help avoid the premature replacement of these high-value structures.

The FEVE Trail

Since the introduction of our A&I Coating FEVE fluoropolymer coating system in the UK in 2019, we are proud to see this paint system being specified for many bridges across the country – including the heritage-listed bridges such as the Blackfriars, Brockweir and Marlow bridges.

The exceptional UV resistance of this Network Rail and National Highways-approved fluoropolymer topcoat keeps the paint from fading and cracking and prevents the penetration of corrosion initiators that bring about structural damage.

The FEVE variations of the Network Rail N4, M20 and M24 coating systems with a Vitreflon fluoropolymer topcoat is enabling the coating lifespan to be increased to around 60 years when compared to the standard 20-25 years for the traditionally specified Polyurethane, Acrylic Urethane and Polysiloxane topcoats.

The FEVE coating technology which was pioneered in Japan in the 1980s is currently specified as mandatory for all Government-owned bridges in Japan and is being widely adopted in the U.S, Australia and the Middle East including the iconic Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi.

The FEVE projects we have delivered across the UK include:

· Blackfriars Bridge (Grade II Listed), London – currently in progress

· Glamis Road Bascule Bridge, Borough of Twin Hamlets, London

· Marlow Suspension Bridge (Grade-I Listed), England

· Shere Heath Bridge, Surrey Hills, England

· Staverton Railway Overbridge, Cheltenham, England

· Angmering Bridle Bridge, West Sussex, England

· North Horsham Footbridge, West Sussex, England

· Oxford University Bridge

· East Hanney Bridge

· Marnhull Footbridge

· Newton Cove Footbridge, Dorset, England

· Blue Bridge, York

· Bockweir Bridge (Grade-II Listed), Wye Valley, Wales

· Castle Mills Bridge

· Littlehampton Ferry Bridge, Sussex

· Lossiemouth Beach Bridge, Scotland

· Robroyston Footbridge, Scotland

· Forth Road Bridge (Trials), Scotland

We are working with several other councils and local authorities on some exciting new projects across the country. If you are interested in trying out our FEVE coating system for your next project, please feel free to book a CPD with or call us on 01753 584 500 to speak to a member of our specialist fluoropolymer coating team.

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