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Antimicrobial Paint for Safer Surfaces

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

As we get ready for yet another winter while the pandemic remains among us, we all know the attitude towards cleanliness and hygiene has changed forever. At Unova, we have been trying to do a small part in improving the hygiene in public spaces with our antimicrobial coatings - AquaGrip+ and AquaSafe+. When used as part of a regular and efficient cleaning system, both products have been found to offer lasting protection against coronavirus and bacteria including E. coli and MRSA.

Development and Production

We were fortunate to have developed Aquagrip+ and AquaSafe+ prior to the outbreak of the pandemic as a water-based, high-adhesion, antimicrobial coating range for use in the healthcare, retail and hospitality environments.

However, following the pandemic, we carried out an independent laboratory test for both products in line with ISO 21702 and were excited to find that surfaces painted with AquaGrip+ or AquaSafe+ can offer enduring protection against coronavirus in addition to bacteria such as E. coli and MRSA.

Considering these paints will have to be subjected to repeated cleaning when used in public spaces and clinical environments, it was also a priority for us to ensure our coatings can endure repeated washing and exposure to high-strength cleaning agents.

Further scrub tests carried out in line with ISO 1198 confirmed both paints offer excellent scrub-resistance and durability in environments requiring repeated washing and can be safely subject to regular cleaning using high-strength cleaning chemicals, as recommended by the NHS.

Moreover, being quick-drying, low-VOC, water-based products, they are less disruptive, safer, and easier to use in high traffic areas. AquagGrip+ and AquaSafe+ are now used in a wide range of sectors in a variety of colour and gloss levels.

Some of the recent projects that have used AquaGrip+/AquaSafe+:

· Crowne Plaza Hotel, Wellington, Leeds – One hundred and thirty-five rooms, seventeen suites and public areas

· Brierfield house care home

· Tesco, Stevenage

· Residential lifts for Park West Apartments, Hyde Park

· Sam’s Café, Primrose Hill, London

· Office Spaces -22 BishopsGate, London

· Office Spaces – North Row, Mayfair, London

AquaGrip+ and AquaSafe+ are also currently being trialled for aircraft interiors, train carriages, emergency helicopters, schools, and health care facilities in the UK. If you would like to know more about our antimicrobial coating range, please call us on 01753584500 or email us at

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