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UNOVA specialise in heavy duty paint and protective coating solutions for all round protection of off-shore and in-land steel structures and all marine fleets.  From Cruise Operators to Global Petrochemical companies and Energy Renewables -  we have the expertise and products to protect, enhance and beautify your assets. Included in our product portfolio is the world renowned JOTUN range of paint and protective coatings and furthermore, our own range of unique high performance and high adhesion coatings solutions.  Our FLUOROPOLYMER topcoat range offers a world class product for the Luxury Yacht market and is ideal for not only primed aluminium, but composites as well – the ultimate finish.

At UNOVA, we understand that the paint finish is the final touch to any architectural fabrication.  From wind turbines to street furniture, building facades to window frames, UNOVA have innovative and market leading products that offer unprecedented coating lifespans and add that quality touch that make our clients products stand out in the market place. Our sole importation of VITREFLON, a world first in fluoropolymer paint technology, offers legendary durability and unrivalled paint life.  AQUAGRIP is arguably the World’s best water based single coat DTM technology and continues to achieve in both the refurbishment sector, but also as a standalone hygiene coating.

More and more light aircraft and aviation painting customers trust UNOVA to provide the quality coating systems and technical support that they need.  Our expanding clientele also includes manufacturers of control panels for military planes, aircraft componentry and on-board safety and comfort systems.  We know the level of expertise required in this market sector and have the products and ability to meet these expectations.

UNOVA incorporates original company origins that started over twenty years ago and established a range of outstanding paint products that have performed without rival since their beginnings. Extended paint life systems, together with high adhesion, gloss and colour retention, opacity and sustainability are core values. Furthermore, the Twenty-first Century is the era of Carbon Footprint awareness and here we are ahead of our time. The Thames Barrier range of products is the epitome of our mission to deliver solutions that provide our clients with improved efficiencies and excellent returns on investment.

UNOVA are privileged to be the sole importers of the NORTHSTAR range of commercial vehicle paint finishes. This World Class product, which originated in the USA in the 1950’s offers a robust and superior performer for the UK Transport Industry. The range starts with high performing zinc rich primers through to premium grade polyurethane finishes and offering the discerning coach, bus, or road transport fleet operator a sustainable whole life paint system.  

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