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Unova supply advanced spray applications by Lean Air, the world leader in e-spray innovative systems that dramatically improve any compressed air-spray application. The Lean Air mission is to reduce waste, increase productivity and deliver superior quality finishes through using world BENEFITS class Lean Air Technology.




  • Paint usage reduction of up to 35%. 

  • Productivity gains of over 20%. 

  • Fewer coats, 2 coats instead of 3. 

  • Shorter drying time. 

  • More booth cycles, extra work completed each day. 

  • Lower booth maintenance costs. 

  • Fewer filter changes.




  • Eliminating texture produces a uniformly thick finish, reducing material use by >20%. 

  • LeanAir E-Spray allows complete texture control - match factory texture or produce the ultimate show-car quality finishes. 

  • Corrosion Protection – voids and occlusions are virtually eliminated with LeanAir, preventing water, oxygen, and other contaminants from contacting bare metal.




  • Less material means fewer solvents and volatile chemicals. LeanAir uses less material and reduces overspray, lowering VOC emissions by ~30%, for a cleaner, more environmentally friendly application. 

  • Less overspray means better working conditions for painters. 

  • Fewer filter change-outs, shoot suits, and tear-away masks requiring disposal. The environmental footprint of your operation is dramatically reduced with LeanAir.

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